1. Fundraising events are a great way to add new donors, tell your story, and build positive public perception of your organization.
  2. Make sure the message—“YOUR GIFT COUNTS . . .” is central. Limit “The Ask” to seven minutes.
  3. Micromanage the list of attendees—remind & encourage. Build up enthusiasm for fundraising
  4. Preview the message of the testimonial speaker and coach them on presentation. Signal when to end.
  5. Raise your money before the event. Event gifts as bonus.
  6. Don’t lose control of the microphone at the event.
  7. Ask each table host to personally hit their goal. Do the math with them. Host a pre-event table host meeting to establish expectations and build enthusiasm.
  8. Own how the guests enter the room and what they experience.
  9. Own the food—what is served, when it is served, how it is served.
  10. Key to the event is the table hosts, not the keynote speaker. People asking people. You do not want to let your friend down. People give to people, not organizations.