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Our PowerPoint Business Plan

Team Turquoise presentation1

  • The energy industry in the US has a huge potential for growth, development and opportunities for investment and policy makers like the Obama Administration are doing everything possible to ensure the sector drives the economy.
  • The basic economics of energy and developments in technology are making the area of solar energy system Installation structurally attractive.
  • Well known investors like Warren Buffet have made long term investments in the power sector.
  • The current trend is that a lot more individuals, corporations and governments are becoming more environmentally conscious and striving towards green solutions.
  • Solar panels and solutions are now becoming more affordable due to the continuous research and innovations going on in the industry as well as the government subsidies available that reduces the startup cost of purchase of solar panels.
  • Every year more companies are committing to transitioning from fossil fuels to renewal able energy.
  • Turquoise Solar Energy Solutions is established to be financially profitable, technically feasible and good for investors, customers, staff, the community at large and the environment.
  • TSS has been positioned to grow in this segment of the energy market.The objective is for Turquoise Solar Energy System installations to be one of the leading providers of solar installation and repairs, ensure profitability and provide investors low risk and safe investment opportunity and most importantly customers get a good return for their money.
  • Mission Statement: To be the first choice in installation and repairs of solar panels and related solar electricity equipment among homeowners, developers, and property managers.
  • Review our Business Plan PowerPoint above to learn more!!!