win winDo you want others to know of your successes but you desire not to use the term “humble brag?”  Is one able to be a team player and still allow your own victories to be known?  Absolutely and it can be a “win/win” situation for all involved!  Purpose of this article is to explain how!

  1. Pay it forward FIRST.  Do not make your first reaction to ask others to endorse, praise, and recommend you. Have your first action be endorsing and recommending others on LinkedIn. Genuinely recommend vendors, co-workers, employees, peers, and even competitors. You are sowing good things for your future. You will reap a harvest in due time.
  2. Add value to others.  Help others & share freely.  The best articles, blog posts, comments and discussion topics serve to help other people.  The wrong way to get a new client is to say, “I’m the best, hire me.”  The right way to get a new client with long-term value is to be so helpful that it becomes obvious to others that you are someone who adds value, solves problems, and brings the right attitude to tough challenges. Focus on adding value again and again until you are branded and known as the subject matter expert.  
  3. Ask for honest recommendations.  Ask for honest peer and third-party analysis and recommendations of your work. Include these in your LinkedIn profile and resume. Both honest peer analysis and 3rd party recommendations report what you are saying is not just your opinion of yourself, but someone else’s as well.
  4. Acknowledge others and give credit where credit is due. State your accomplishments in terms of how you have helped others. When your team wins, give credit to the other team members. Give credit where credit is due and always give credit to your sources. As you succeed, bring as many others along with you as you can.  
  5. Provide insights and give real problem solving solutions. If you have worthwhile capabilities, use them. Frame your contributions as your ability to identify, address, and solve problems.  Provide actual solutions, instead of simply parroting tired, old phrases. Companies and venture capitalists are desperate to invest in courageous and bold experts who can actually solve real life problems.  
  6. Admit when you don’t know the answer.  If you want to earn credibility, be the first to admit when you are over your head. Do not over promise and under deliver. A very quick way to lose friends and NOT influence people (“Win friends & influence people” Dale Carnegie) is to make promises you cannot keep.
  7. Be bold, build your confidence, and solve the problems people desperately need solved.  People are willing to part with a lot of money and personal data if your product or solution solves real-world problems in their lives.  You will not be sorry for making the bold step to let your solution be known.  Neither will the world!  win win.jpg