Wonderful blog article by my friend Susan Barber about my saintly 2nd grade teacher Miss Harriet McCarter.

Teach with Class

Tomorrow is Miss Harriette McCarter’s 90th birthday.


(Miss McCarter is in the plaid shirt and white pants)

Most likely you do not know Miss McCarter, so pull up a chair and let me tell you about her because we can all learn from her.

IMG_1955 (1)

Miss McCarter was my friend John Roland’s 2nd grade teacher in 1982. (John is the red head in the middle). What’s so amazing is that at the end of the school year, Miss McCarter typed every student a letter outlining their strengths and weaknesses and gave advice on how to grow as a person. Her letter to John was two typed pages, and my favorite part is when she writes, “Because I love you and care for you, I am going to make some suggestions.” Her suggestions include “Listen when directions are given” (sorry, John, this is too funny not to share) and “Be willing…

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