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9 reasons why I am THRILLED about the future of Social Media!

9 reasons why I am THRILLED about the future of Social Media!

What excites me most about the future is social media.

  1. Collective intelligence opportunities. Instead of hording information, great value is given to those who actively share information and knowledge.  People are recognized as experts based on what they share rather than what they keep to themselves.  Social Media Benefits . . . Four main benefits: • communication • collaboration • community • collective intelligence opportunities.
  2. Awesome tool to exponentially connect globally with people. It is ALL about SOCIAL!  Social media is ALL about the SOCIAL in the Social Media.  Media will change, SOCIAL will not. It is ALL about people. It is a tool to CONNECT to people.
  3. Win Friends & Influence People–Think Dale Carnegie.  Cannot grasp the concept of Social Media?  Do you want to make friends and influence others?  Then you are at the place!  Best way to be effective on social media . . .  1. Arose in the other person an eager want (establish a problem solver brand).  2.  Become genuinely interested in other people.  3.  Give honest, sincere appreciation.  4.  Be a good listener.  Encourage others to talk about themselves.  5. Talk in terms of the other person’s interests.  6.  Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweet and most important sound in any language.  7. Smile (present yourself in a pleasure, happy manner.  
  4. Transparency, authenticity, and accountability are sacred attributes of any modern leader. Since Bill Clinton sat in the Oval Office in the 1990s, the Internet overwhelmed the media “gatekeepers”—the few dozen priestly reporters and editors who determined what news, opinion, and gossip the public would hear about. Today, there are 300 million people equipped to do their own reporting, writing, and publishing. You can’t keep the truth from them. You can’t bully them all or fool them all.  That is why transparency, authenticity, and accountability are sacred attributes of any modern leader. Whether you’re running a church, a business, or a political party, leadership is now a lying-free zone.
  5. Interactive way to connect with Millennials. By nature of digital connectedness, Millennial life is interactive. • For many of them, faith is interactive as well—whether their churches are ready for it or not. • It’s an ongoing conversation, and it’s all happening on their computers, tablets and smart phones. • What’s more, many of them bring their devices with them to church.
  6. Easy to Position yourself as a “Thought Leader.” LinkedIn is a massive networking opportunity for professionals and contributing to the group discussions will present you as a thought leader in your industry.
  7. Genuinely encourage & make heroes out of others. Thank people by name using their Twitter account handle. Make heroes out of them. Encourage by endorsing and recommending leaders and volunteers on LinkedIn. Include as many pictures & videos (with permission) of people and volunteers in your posts as possible. • Create authentic online connections (Google Hangouts) to thought leaders.
  8. Video clips are the message. Future of Social Media? It is all about short, quick video. • Posts are viewed exponentially more when a picture or video is attached. • Meerkat, Vine, Instagram, & Snapchat are expected to grow tremendously.  Encourage people to taking selfies of themselves living out the theme of the message of your organization
  9. Continuous open dialogue is expected and demanded of from leaders followers. No more gatekeepers and now CEOs are able to closely examine front line opinions and personal product reviews instantaneously.  No more ivory towers and corporate front to hide behind.  Social Media allows you to jump the moat and climb the walls of the corporation and talk with a real, live person!

How about you?  Scared, frightened or looking forward to the future?

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