Talking with others in my office about updating their LinkedIn profile, one co-worker honestly said to me, “If you see me updating my LinkedIn profile, I am about to leave!” Other friends of mine are afraid to update their profile out of fear their employer will suspect they are marketing themselves to other employers. Even some employers ban their employees from even looking at LinkedIn at work. I disagree and firmly believe we all should be updating our LinkedIn profile regularly and employers should ENCOURAGE it! How does one go about keeping their LinkedIn profile up to date WITHOUT being fired?

  1. Publicly recognize others in your company by endorsements and recommendations. Want to improve company fellow employee satisfaction, reach out to them on their LinkedIn profile and tell the world what you think of them as clearly as possible. Regardless of how important or high up the chain of command, everybody loves to hear praise and you are doing your part to improve employee engagement. Do it without expecting anything in return. Idea is you are paying it forward.
  2. Frame your profile as aligning with your present company’s core values.Shows you are a team player. Your profile can then repeat the company’s core values, inspire others with the mission, and teach the vision. Ask what the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) key terms are for your company and include those in your company description.
  3. Frame your job descriptions to particular audiences. Speak directly to your target audiences (potential clients) and make it relevant to THEIR needs. Quantify results and how you have been a problem solver!
  4. Become an industry thought leader. Write articles in your areas of expertise and freely share your knowledge. Post content to LinkedIn that you think will help your followers become more successful professionals and you’ll be more likely to convert them into loyal viewers. It will re-affirm to those within your company of your value.
  5. Actively recommend clients and possible unrecognized gatekeepers. We all interact with workers we feel are under-appreciated by their own office. Write them a recommendation highlighting the positive experience you have had with them. Shows you are a thoughtful person and will improve the morale of your client’s office.
  6. Encourage your company to post links to employee LinkedIn profiles on the company website. it is a great way to highlight the credentials of your fellow employees but also shows confidence in the company’s culture that they are not afraid of others stealing their employees.
  7. Join industry specific professional groups to expand your professional network. This will allow you to learn best practices and to actively share things you are learning. A great place to use as a sounding board for future ideas.
  8. See your LinkedIn profile as your professional portfolio. Include links to published articles, newspaper sections highlighting an event you led, include PowerPoint presentations displaying your expertise, and include awards and honors you are proud to display. This is a chance to frame how your peers and potential clients view your professional credentials. Add links so people can find out more.
  9. Stay involved in the lives of your connections. Now with LinkedIn updates, reminders, and anniversaries, it is easy to post a quick note to a peer who has received a promotion, switched jobs, celebrated a work anniversary, etc. Again, paying it forward.
  10. Updating your LinkedIn profile publicly allows all to keep you in the front of their minds for potential future jobs. All jobs are temporary. As you keep your profile up to date, include your LinkedIn profile link in your signature line, it keeps your skill set in the front of the mind of your potential client and your boss. Who knows what else they may have in mind for which you cannot even imagine?!?

Keeping your LinkedIn profile up to date is vital to the success of your current job and the continued growth and marketability of your personal brand.