david platt

I am ecstatic and overjoyed that David Platt (age 36) has been named the new president of the Southern Baptist International Mission Board.  Without question, David Platt is one of the most passionate and influential voices for missions among evangelicals today.  This is a boon for Baptists and the evangelical community at large.  I think it is a great decision and I am thrilled. As a 40 year old, I am very excited someone from our generation has been tapped to move the convention forward in such critical times.  He is a man solely focused on the spread of the Gospel through the preaching of God’s Word.  He is not into politics, self-promotion, or jockeying for his next position.  I even met him once and he was very humble, approachable, and kind to me.  

I am incredibly impressed with how he has led the Church at Brook Hills and how he has transformed their culture into a powerful missions culture. As a Samford grad, I attended Brooks Hills when it began in the early 90s and saw upfront their beginnings and growth. His Secret Church ministry has very effectively and with enthusiasm communicated the challenge and danger of spreading the Gospel to hard to reach people groups to the average layman better than anything I have seen. His “Radical” books and ministry have served noticed to our complacent SBC we need to stop building fancier builders to ourselves and pour money, energy, passion into missions.  His youth and passion is exactly what the IMB needs right now in my opinion.  His desire to partner with other evangelical organizations is a longtime needed.  His ability and proven track record of motivating the potential of young, God-called missionaries in an emerging generation is incredible.  He does not just “outsource” missions to the IMB, he has led his people to be active missionaries and shown them how to do it.  Great decision #SBC!