mba online

I am NOT a university recruiter but I absolutely LOVE pursuing my MBA 100% online and telling others about it. Since I graduated from Samford University in 1996 with my Bachelor of Science degree, I have spent lot of time and money in graduate school (law school, divinity, & business). I have completed 142 graduate hours so far and ALL of it has been sitting IN class, driving TO a campus, PHYSICALLY turning in papers, and PERSONALLY giving presentations. I have spent 1000s of hours physically listening to lectures and TRYING to pay attention. It has been exhausting even though I am passionate about education. Here are my top 7 reasons why I LOVE pursuing my MBA 100% online:

1) I don’t have to sit in class. Number one reason by far. I read the professors’ powerpoints’ online, read the articles he/she recommends, and I do it all on MY timeline!

2) No wasted drive time. I do not have to drive to campus (often across town) and do not have to schedule travel time into my day. I am amazed at how much time I am saving.

3) I do not have to move to campus. For every degree I have pursued, I have had to load up the car, box up my junk, and move down the street from the university (sometimes in the worst side of town) to pursue my education. Not this time!! I even take advantage of GALILEO and have the university library ONLINE.

4) My course schedule is based on my schedule and life, not theirs. I am given a track of which classes I am to take but I get to choose WHEN I study, and when I take the online discussion boards, online exams, read powerpoints, etc. It is incredibly freeing and I do not have to plan my life schedule around a late afternoon (right after lunch . . .tired) class. Nor do I have to ever take off work because of my classes.

5) I am able to work with a team but we can connect via Skype, conference call, or Google hangout instead of at a coffee shop or Waffle House! I have really enjoyed getting to know the 4 other guys on my team but I am able to stay home and be with my family. I simply escape to a back room in our home, talk and have a discussion with our team.

6) No weather delays or make ups if the prof is out of town. We are not held to a university schedule (other than the parameters of beginning & end of semester) of when I take my online course requirements No extra classes, no make ups, and no having a TA fill in for our full-time professor.

7) Access to the best professors in each field. I am in the University System of GA WebMBA program and they cherry pick the best profs in each of the respective MBA disciplines (managerial accounting, Information Systems, financial accounting, management, organizational leadership, etc.) from across the University System of GA. I am in the Kennesaw State University Coles College of Business WebMBA program. We do not have any field trips scheduled as a class and we do not have to meet for weekend seminars. It works great for me!

Amazingly, upon completion of the program, students receive a diploma identical to Kennesaw State’s MBA campus-based programs. I am anxious to get it all finished!

For those seeking graduate degrees, I HIGHLY recommend you consider taking it online. Much of my frustration from previous educational pursuits was the wasted travel, having to move near campus, and the physical sitting time in lectures. 100% online courses eliminates my biggest frustrations. It is incredibly freeing and quite liberating. As a married father of 3 kids, it makes my life just a little less complicated. I may not get much sleep over the next 18 months but I am enjoying the studies! Blessings on your educational pursuits!!