When I interviewed for a number of Executive Director and Development Director positions, I always leave my proposed 30-60-90 Day plan.

Preliminary Activities

  • Establish regular meeting times with my new boss and have a clear and complete understanding of his expectations of me and of this position.
  • Meet with the Foundation Board to prioritize what is expected of me with a specified timeframe, review the existing active donors (see how many have given within the last 18-24 months), and develop initial plan of action
  • Review past Foundation 990 reports.  Completely familiarize myself with past fundraising efforts.
  • Review all details, planning activities, and coordination of the most pressing fundraising event.
  • Review the written Standard Operating Procedures manual or approved employee handbook. If not one, put on the calendar the creation of a task force.
  • Meet and establish a mutual set of goals and objectives for each direct report.
  • Meet and personally thank past donors.
  • Create and study market focus, competitive & S.W.O.T analysis.
  • Complete any and all training and documentation expected of me.

30 Day Plan

  • Begin a strategic introductory campaign to introduce myself to the community.
  • Set up one-on-one appointments with the leadership employees from marketing, student affairs, athletics, academics, etc.  Focus on listening and hearing their vision and expectations of me and of Institutional Advancement.  Ask how Institutional Advancement can assist them and what their greatest needs are.
  • Set up one-on-one appointments with each Foundation member.  Focus on listening and hearing their vision and expectations of me and of Institutional Advancement.
  • Set up one-on-one appointments with the local newspaper and other area media outlets.
  • Review the nonprofit’s GuideStar and Charity Navigator accounts. If incomplete, immediately provide the latest information to receive the highest rating possible.
  • Make sure all details, contact information, and communication tools are up to date on the Foundation website.
  • Join the local chamber of commerce. Ask for an assignment to show my investment in those communities.
  • Working closely with the marketing team to develop a six month Social Media strategy for the institution focused upon weekly messages— on how the organization seeks to provide excellent educational opportunities within our service communities and to become a leader in the development of partnerships between these educational resources and business and industry.

60 Day Plan

  • Manage first 30 days of change and review the past months performance
  • Ensure all plans for first 30 days are completed.  Report on progress for the prior 30 days as needed
  • Continue fine-tune  product/service knowledge, activity standards and ops
  • Set up one-on-one appointments with key supporters of the organization.  Focus on listening and hearing their vision and expectations of me and of Institutional Advancement.  Ask how institution can assist them and what their greatest needs are.
  • Personally thank in one-on-one appointments the key donors to the first Fundraiser.  Make sure they experience a personal connection from a student and staff member.
  • Create tickler action file to ensure follow upon important activities and accounts events

90 Day Plan

  • Monitor first 60 days activity level and results and adjust levels if necessary
  • Meet with my managers to discuss business results; actual vs. plan. Discuss any changes.
  • Continue to increase level of contact within organization and better understand areas of dissatisfaction and areas of weakness within the Institutional Advancement.
  • Work efficiently and effectively to ensure optimum time.  Maximize downtime between appointments and cold calls, focus on daily production, stay current with all reporting.
  • Continue hitting the ground running and proving to management that I can be an impactful asset well before the usual 6 month new hire period.