I have seen the awesome power of guns. I have heard of people innocently cleaning their gun and shockingly a spouse, a child, a brother is killed when an unrealized bullet is shot. In the heat of the argument people are killed and wounded for life. Limbs are lost, lives are ended, and in the matter of seconds everything about a person’s life can be completely changed. Guns have awesome power and can be used for the good too. Guns properly handled can provide safety and security to a home from intruders. Guns can provide meat and nourishment for a family all year. Hunting together can bring incredible bonding time between a father and a son. Guns can be used to kill enemies and protect a homeland. Guns have awesome power and those who know the guns best, often are the ones who fear them the most. Fear not as being scared but one of respect due to the incredible power guns have for the very good and very bad. 

Marriage is also an awesome power. Those who know marriage best often are the ones who fear the power of the institution of marriage the most. Children who have seen their parents divorce and are now being tossed between two homes see the power of marriage. A betrayed spouse who is shattered inside and out can speak of the awesome power of marriage. Children of an adulterous parent knows the overwhelming and profound impact of marriage can have on all parties involved. Counselors are often called in and the cords of dysfunction and betrayal may take decades to unravel from a divorce. Sadly too many take marriage lightly and claim, “it is just a piece of paper.” They open their fragile hearts up again and again entering into multiple marriages. All unaware of the tearing of their soul as each marriage and divorce takes a part of them away never to return. A broken marriage can redirect generations within ones family in cycles of dysfunction and infidelity. Infidelity can begin very innocently but can quickly lead to the destruction of innocence, the shattering of trust, and the stability of a home being wrecked. While affairs may only last a few weeks with physical contact being measured in a matter of minutes, the consequences and real life pain because of betrayal may last a lifetime. God created marriage to be a safe haven and refuge. Marriage is following the example Christ has set in His love for His bride, the church. One faithful and stable marriage can become an oak and a force in a community from which a whole society can gain stability, security, and inspiration, not just the participants. 50th wedding anniversaries are not just an accomplishment for the couple but for their whole community.  Their 50th wedding anniversary accomplishment stands as a testimony to God’s grace, wisdom, and desire in securing the family tree. Generations can be redirected and can rest in the security of the Godly foundation set down for them by a Godly marriage.

The use of marriage and the use of guns are not to be taken lightly. Their power is awesome and their impact profound. Entering into marriage must be taken reverently, wisely, and cautiously. The use of a gun must always be done with the utmost of caution and safety. Both are tools which can have lifelong lasting impact and must be feared.