Objective—incorporate Career Development Services into the common student learning outcome for each and every student.

Lessons and ideas I learned from serving as Director of Alumni Services/Student Success/Career Development at Luther Rice Unversity

WHY??  Prepare for compliance with the Obama Administration’s new “College Scorecard” and rating system.  

Develop 12 core competencies your university can focus upon to show seamless integration of the career development services into the academic studies of students.  Example of this from Stephenson University:

  1. Oral Communication,
  2. Written Communication,
  3. Ability to work with others/Interpersonal Skills,
  4. Adaptability,
  5. Critical Thinking,
  6. Time Management,
  7. Self-Confidence,
  8. Leadership,
  9. Problem Solving
  10. Professional Attitude / Demeanor
  11. Initiative
  12. Preparation to start
  • Coordinate the data collected from students regarding their credit & non-credit internships. 
  • In close coordination with faculty, provide the protocols for credit & non-credit internships. 
  • Integrate Career Development and Retention into one cohesive focus.  We will retain the students who recognize how they can apply the academic training they are receiving to their personal ministerial passions. 
  • Schedule an appointment with each and every student to develop an individual career architecture plan. 
  • Working with the students to determine their core competencies so internships (paid, unpaid, non-credit, credit) create opportunities to enhance the student’s ability to master skills they are learning. 
  • Student’s skill, drive, enthusiasm drives it all.
  • Career Development Office would then measure and report out what the internship experiences are and report the outcomes.
  • Work with faculty in making sure students’ internships and employment is in line with the common student learning outcomes.  These student learning outcomes would then be focused and aligned with skill sets and competencies employers want.

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