If I was a pastor again…top 10 things I would be engaged in…

  1. Expository preaching–focus on the product we are producing–believers who KNOW God’s Word inside and out.  See the pastor’s role as quartermaster giving the believers the tools they need for the work of service.  Equipping the saints for the work of ministry through the teaching of God’s Word.  
  2. Authentic worship–worship will be solely focused on ushering the congregation into worship.  Worship Team is focused on those with a calling and unique giftedness to lead worship.  Realization is it not about us … our style, our clothes, our taste, our age, our preferences but on an audience of one, God alone.  
  3. Accessibility of pastor–strong accountability structure of Elders, involved give and take on social media, weekly blog, web Chats introducing sermons, 
  4. Church very actively community engaged–giving people a chance to get engage in their community with the Gospel by serving them.  Adopting local schools, community clean ups, partnering with community foodbank non-profits, hands on ministry opportunities as a means to equip believers to be used by God and to be a witness to the unbelieving community.  
  5. Ministry Team–ministers who are mature, experienced in brokenness, and are humble.  Have been willing to set themselves apart to be equipped in ministry.  Willing to stay the long haul and have longevity of staff.  Create teams and allow them to be released to do the work of ministry.
  6. Social Media Authentic–not focus on “flash” but on accessibility of the ministry team, tribe engagement in God’s Word and how it applies to our lives, and over communication of the events and activities of the church.  
  7. Financial Open book–finances are not kept a secret but are available and open to be reviewed by members.
  8. Celebrate Recovery–huge heart for recovery ministries which is a great model for the church.  Seeking to partner and heal those in broken places.  Love recovery groups–Realization we are all on an equal footing, honest about our brokenness, and open about our utter dependence on fellow believers.
  9. Aggressively Seeking Partnerships–seeking to partner with those who can assist us with furthering the Gospel.  What other churches, what other civic groups, what other non-profits can assist us in completing the work God has called our church to do??  
  10. Less focus on buildings–money will be spent on furthering the gospel, not on building bigger buildings as a monument to ourselves.  Discipleship held in homes, restaurants, YMCA, anywhere.  Church building simply the place to gather as believers to worship and then be launched into the community as missionaries.

What are your thoughts??  Be sure to comment.  I served as a senior pastor from 2001-06.