• #Socialmedia is a #conversation. Seek to engage your followers. Ask open ended questions, #dialogue, & provide usable & quotable information.
  • Top 10 questions your #socialmedia policy should answer via @dr4ward …
  • In #Socialmedia, focus like a laser on what you want your followers to do. Have a weekly hash tag # driving home that weekly message.
  • Does your #nonprofit organization deploy #alumni, #employees , #clients to be #socialmedia #storytellers to convey your organization’s successes, & heart?
  • Who is telling the #story of your #nonprofit organization? Have you deplored #storytellers to convey your org’s vision, successes & heart?
  • #SocialMedia is all about connecting with people, not PUSHING your business. Provide for the people and the people will provide for you.
  • #Socialmedia is a give & take conversation. You won’t be effective if you are constantly pushing programs or products.
  • Key characteristics for gaining followers is to build a tribe of people who believe in your #message, #trust you, and #value your knowledge.
  • Don’t make your intern be your #socialmedia manager since they are communicating THE message of the org. Must know org’s vision, strategy & plan.
  • Brand yourself as a “generous expert” in your field. Share freely your knowledge & become a person others can TRUST. #SocialMediaMarketing
  • #VolunteerManagement is all about making heroes out of people. Allow the volunteers to get the praise & applause. Keeps them motivated!  Use #SocialMedia to highlight them.
  • One of the BEST things about #SocialMedia is it allows people to pierce the veil of the hierarchy of an organization.  It meets the needs of Millennials who are looking for authenticity and personal connection.