My advice regarding Social Media marketing.  Hope you find it useful:

–Have a message of the week. Focus like a laser on what you want to drive home to your followers for that week. What do you want them to do? Where are you taking them? How can you help them? Have a weekly hash tag # driving home that message.
–Focus on having a conversation with your followers rather than pushing them to do something. Have open ended questions? Ask their opinions? Engage them.  Create a give and take relationship.  Give the impression you are accessible to them.
–Take advantage of and have the same message across all of your social media channels.  
–Realize social media is a conversation.  Rather than pushing a message, seek to engage your followers.  Ask open ended questions, dialogue with them, and provide usable and quotable information.
–Brand yourself as a “generous expert” in your field.  Share freely your knowledge where you become a person they can TRUST.  When they trust you, they will want more from you.  They become “addicted” to your advice and insights and will be willing to ultimately spend money.
–Use Google+ Hangouts to engage your followers.  Free tool which allows you to have conversations online with others and have them recorded in YouTube.  Find someone you can engage and provide you a venue to drive home your message.  Also, allows you to interview people in your sphere of influence and further provide resources to those who follow you.
–One of the key ways to be trusted is seek endorsements and organic recommendations.  They begin to share your information to their followers.  Expands your reach exponentially.  
–Take advantage of using pictures alongside your advice.  Interesting pictures draws people to your post.  Also, share yourself and WHO you are as a person.  Focus on being authentic rather than a cold salesman.  Again, seeking to relate to people so they can trust you as a person.  They buy from who they trust, can relate, and know.  
–Use popular hash tags # and have simple, clear messages which are easily re-tweetable or copied.  
–Follow experts like Seth Godin (love his book Tribe) and Jon Acuff (reading his great book Start).  They are brilliant in how they market themselves and the advice they give.  
Seth Godin’s blog:
Jon Acuff’s website: