Great post by my friend Bubba Rainwater. Super guy and wonderful pastor.

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The year is 63 A.D. and you are traveling through the region of Asia (modern-day southwestern Turkey).  On the first day of the week, you see people milling about around the marketplace, but your eye catches groups of people entering a large house just off the plaza.  You are intrigued.  You are drawn . . . and that was when you were invited in.

The owner of the house was a man named Philemon.  He was a wealthy man, but his warmth made you feel right at home.  He stood welcoming all who would come.

Next, you noticed a younger man who entered the room.  He was a young man, impressive in stature, charismatic in nature.  When he entered the room, everyone seemed to move to their places.  And that is when he began to speak . . .

He introduced himself to newcomers as a man named Archippus, but…

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