leadership lesssonsI try to read constantly and I am always interested in studying leaders. I love reading about US Presidents and love reading leadership books. I am a work in progress as a leader. I try to study leaders and learn from them. I take notes, journal what I am learning, and try and apply it. Here are some lessons I have collected:

–You will FAIL if you are not approachable, humble, and available as a leader.
–You MUST give the impressive and provide the opportunity to be accessible to those who follow you. Use Social Media, write a blog open to comments, use Google+ Hangouts with discussions, set aside a day/lunch/coffee appointments to meet with others. If you are NOT accessible, I question whether you are even their leader (in title only).
–Organization rises and falls on the ingenuity, forward-thinking, and energy of the CEO.
–Don’t discount the fatigue and cost of long commutes.
–Titles are important to people. Be wise in demoting people and fully explain the process to all.
–Accountability is VITAL for organizations. If the Pastor or CEO has does not report to an accountability board (elders, deacons, board of directors), watch out they are setting themselves up for failure. Creates a false sense of security and breeds blind spots. Causes followers to raise doubts and suspicions even if there are none.
–If a church does not have elders and/or deacons, they will run into serious trouble. 1 Timothy 3 is clear on how a church should be structured.
–Release and multiply your ministry. God brings people to churches and church leaders need to trust and release the ministry to them.
–If a minister has not set himself/herself aside and gone to seminary for preparation, I am leery of following them.
–Communication is key to building trust within a church. Once ministries are adopted by the church, the church should be their biggest cheerleaders blowing the “trumpets” of communication for them to succeed.
–A Biblical church has Elders and Deacons; Ministers who visit the sick and hurting at the hospitals. See James 5:13-18.