Who guards our kids ? ? ?

Over the last 5+ years following my separation and divorce, I have prayed desperately for God to protect my children while they are away from me.  I realize even if they are in my presence, I cannot keep them completely safe.  I pray daily and throughout the day for God to protect them, guard them, and assure them they have a Daddy who loves them desperately.  I am so grateful that my 2 children are doing well in school and God is taking good care of them far beyond what I could.  I still grieve daily they are not with me all the time and our family and home was wrecked.
It does amaze me how God has shown Himself to me over the years in encouraging me of my kids’ protection.  Recently my parents’ pastor preached on Biblical names.  Following his sermon, he said his source book for the Biblical names was on the podium and people were welcome to come forward after the services and look up their name.  My 9 year old daughter went forward and checked her name.  To my amazement, it was “guarded of God.”  I am so grateful for how God is such a personal God who reminds us again and again He is in control and loves us.

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