As I look back on my divorce and the enormous pain and brutal suffering from it, the most meaningful moment of that whole experience was the love of my friends and family.  One weekend in particular comes to mind and brings tears to my eyes as I reflect on it.  Shortly after my wife left, my two best friends from my youth (and still are) called me up and said they were dropping everything and coming to pick me up.  One lived in Pensacola and the other lives in Athens, TN.  They picked me up, paid for all our meals, and we just laughed, played, and enjoyed being together.  No agenda other than just to love on me and to be there for me during the toughest time in my life.  We went down a sliding rock on a river and stayed up late into the night telling funny stories on each other.  I cannot put into words what that weekend meant to me.  Their compassion and love for me in dropping everything and coming to just be my friend still brings me to tears.  God is good and He uses dear friends to be His hands and feet during our most difficult times.