I.             INTRODUCTION

  • This      is a prayer for God to examine the heart and see its true devotion.
  • Like      Job, the author firmly claims his loyalty to the Lord.
  • Nowhere      (outside of Job) does one find expressed such profound awareness of how      awesome it is to ask God to examine not only one’s life but also one’s      soul—God, who knows every thought, word and deed, from whom there is no      hiding, who has been privy even to one’s formation in the dark concealment      of the womb.
  • Psalmist      is saying in common language—“God, you know me so well—please HELP me!!!”


II.          MAKES ME VALUABLE—v1-6, 13-14

·         Because He made us, we are not “junk.”

·         Genesis 1:31—“God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.”

·         Our worth lies in His hands.  Our value lies in the creator’s hands.  He determines our value, not other creatures.  Isaiah 29:16

·         Too many have low self-esteems because they do not look to the Bible for their worth—and if they do, they forget what it says about them—James 1:23-25

·         We are all “fearfully and wonderfully made.”  We were formed in His image and created to bring Him glory.  Isaiah 43:1-2, 7

·         Sin ruins God’s wonderful creation but God loves us too much not to redeem us and restore us to His “fearfully and wonderfully made” creation.

BILL MONTFORD’S MUSTANG — he pursued junkyards across the country to find his old high school mustang, found it, and then refurbished it.

·         Colossians 1:19-22—

·         God wants none to perish—He wants to REDEEM everyone but leaves it up to us whether we desire that or not.

·         Ephesians 1

·         1 Peter 2:9-10


  • In the OT such terms as “know,” “examine,” “see,” in vv16, 24, and “probe” in v23 are used with God as subject to refer to a providential role as judge—not necessarily in a formal sense but by way of metaphor—punishing the guilty and acquitting the innocent.
  • We must live in a proper fear of God.  We cannot be sneaky and think we can escape His notice.  Isaiah 29:13, 15.  Hebrews 4:13
  • Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.  Psalm 111:10; Proverbs 3:5-8; 14:16, 26
  • We all must stand before God and give an account for our lives—2 Cor. 5:10.
  • When we appear before God—there will be NO need of witnesses because God will know EVERYTHING in our lives.  He will act as the witnesses, judge, jury, court reporter, etc.
  • It keeps us HUMBLE.  He sees everything.  Our days are NUMBERED!!
  • Can’t flee from His presence.
  • I am NOT in charge!!!
  • I must surrender to His CONTROL!!
  • He has ALL of my days numbered and knows it ALL!!!


  • We CANNOT escape Him.
  • He promised to NEVER leave us or forsake us.  Hebrews 13:5
  • Our parents even may forget us—God can NOT forget us—Isaiah 49:15
  • Who can be AGAINST us?  Romans 8
  • Comfort of His presence.
  • Power of His presence.
  • Confidence of His presence.
In   Leadership Weekly, Joe McKeever writes:Late one night, a man in Slim Cornett’s church was showing Slim   around a county airport in rural Mississippi.   “This switch lights up the runway,” the man said as he flipped it.   “Then, let’s say there is a plane in distress up there. I would throw   this switch and turn on the search lights.”As the night skies lit up, a small plane materialized out of the   darkness and landed. Slim and his friend watched in amazement as Franklin   Graham, son of the famous evangelist, stepped off the plane. The pilot had   been flying Franklin back to school in Texas when the electrical system shut down, leaving   them stranded in the Mississippi   night without lights or radio or any means of guidance. From out of nowhere,   the search beam had come on and guided them to the landing strip.

As Franklin’s   mother, Ruth, tells the story, earlier that evening before they left home,   Billy Graham had prayed for the Father to protect and guide his son and the   pilot.

Joe   McKeever, “God Winks,”Leadership Weekly (12-18-02)

V.          PLAN IS PERFECT FOR MY LIFE—v10, 19-22

  • We are FOOLS to disobey God.
  • Jeremiah 29:11
  • His plan is ALWAYS perfect for our lives.
  • He knows FAR BETTER than we do about which direction to go.
  • Our stress, our anxiety, our sicknesses—often are caused by our trying to do it our own way and NOT His—Proverbs 3:5-8.
  • He has our best interests at heart.
  • We can go to Him with our problems and greatest fears because He cares so deeply for us.
  • He will protect us—NO one can lay a hand on us without His control.
  • He is SOVEREIGN.
Over   100 years ago, a tornado struck the prairies of Minnesota. Many were killed, hundreds were   injured, and one small town was almost demolished. In the midst of the   disaster, an elderly British surgeon and his two medically trained sons   worked almost around the clock for days aiding the stricken, bandaging   wounds, and setting broken limbs.Their   heroic work did not go unnoticed. Their excellence as physicians and their   selflessness in the service of those in need created a following among the   tornado victims. The doctor and his sons were offered financial backing to   build a hospital, provided that they took charge.The   men agreed and in 1889 founded a clinic that soon attracted nationwide   attention. Their little clinic grew.

The   city was Rochester, Minnesota.

The   elderly doctor’s name: William W. Mayo.

His   sons: William J. and Charles Mayo.

Their   clinic is called simply “The Mayo Clinic.” It now consists of over 500   physicians treating more than 200,000 people a year. It is known worldwide as   one of the premier places of health, healing and excellence in medicine.

I’m   sure if you asked the citizens of Minnesota   about the Rochester   tornado at the time, they would have said it was all about death and   destruction, an unqualified disaster.

But,   put in the perspective of better than a century, and in the hands of a   creative God, the tornado was really about life, help, and healing.

J.   R. Love, Rushton, Louisiana


  • It may hurt but it is always for our own good and for others.  1 Tim. 4:16
  • Seeing our sin and our helplessness causes us to cling to Him more, removes our pride, keeps us humble, and reorients our lives.
  • Realize we are in desperate need of His grace.

Chuck Yeager, the famed test pilot, was flying an F-86 Sabre over a lake in the Sierras when he decided to buzz a friend’s house near the edge of the lake. During a slow roll, he suddenly felt his aileron lock. Says Yeager, “It was a hairy moment, flying about 150 feet off the ground and upside down.”

A lesser pilot might have panicked with fatal results, but Yeager let off on the G’s, pushed up the nose, and sure enough, the aileron unlocked. Climbing to 15,000 feet, where it was safer, Yeager tried the maneuver again. Every time that he rolled, the problem reoccurred.

Yeager knew three or four pilots had died under similar circumstances, but to date, investigators were puzzled as to the source of the Sabre’s fatal flaw. Yeager went to his superior with a report, and the inspectors went to work. They found that a bolt on the aileron cylinder was installed upside down.

Eventually, the culprit was found in a North American plant. He was an older man on the assembly line who ignored instructions about how to insert that bolt, because, by golly, he knew that bolts were supposed to be placed head up, not head down. In a sad commentary, Yeager says that nobody ever told the man how many pilots he had killed.”

Matt Friedeman, The Accountability Connection (Victor Books, 1992), story from Chuck Yeager, Yeager, (Bantam, 1985