In 2006, my life fell a part even though I had fought desperately to keep it together.  I was a senior pastor of a large church, had my dream job, and moved into our brand new house.  My whole adult life, I had always either rented or lived in a church owned home.  We had saved for 8 years to build the very first home which we had ever owned.  My marriage crumbled in front of me and I could not stop it dissolution.  I fought hard to keep it together and even spent 1 month in Texas with my then wife as she was in a clinic getting help.  I was not perfect but was faithful and sought desperately to have a Godly marriage and love my then wife.  She made other choices which were very, very hard to accept.  She left me in May 2006 to make a new life for herself.  By Sept 2007, we were divorced and I began to seek to rebuild my life with God’s help.

I put the house on the market and we sold it in October 2006.  The day before our closing, I was sitting in our brand new empty home boxing up our possessions.  I was sitting on the wood floor in our beautiful new house, crying and asking God, “where are you???”  Why had God forgotten me?  I did what I thought He had called me to do.  I loved my wife, served her, cherished my beautiful children, and did all I could to keep our family together.  She made other choices which devastated mine.  In 1997 while studying to become a lawyer at FSU College of Law, I accepted God’s call on my life and moved to Texas to pursue my Master of Divinity.  I had left law school, went to seminary, served as pastor for 5 years, and now I was packing up our home and moving in with my parents.  I sat on our new floor angry, crushed, mad at God, and wondering why He had been out to lunch.  What had I done wrong?  I literally shook my fist in the air at God.

After I prayed and asked, “God where are you??”  I picked up a nearby packed box and found my 3 year old’s Sunday School craft stuck to the bottom of the box.  It was a rainbox she had made in Sunday School with the message written on it in black ink, “God keeps His promises.”  It was a very clear reminder to me, God is faithful.  Even in the midst of great destruction (Noah & the ark), God sent the rainbow to remind Noah He is faithful.  God’s Word reminds us again and again, He keeps His promises to us.  He promises to provide for us, He promises to bring vengenance against those who harm us, and He promises to be faithful to us in the midst of our great trials.  I will always be grateful for God’s clear reminder to me.  I reminder myself daily because of this moment that God is present; He is in control, and He keeps His promises.  Even in the midst of divorce and broken families, God is faithful and present.

How has God shown Himself to you in your moments of great trials and hardache?